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BulletElectronics for the Arts

I assisted Danielle Wilde with the fabrication of printed circuit boards for her Hipdisk project, recently see on the ABC Television program "New Inventors".

For her work with Alvaro Cassinelli at the University of Tokyo Ishikawa Oku Lab 20 circuit boards were designed and built for the Light Arrays project from a hand-drawn design by Alexis Zerrough.
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Bullet Exhibition Controller / Learning IR Module

controller imageUsing consumer DVD players can be problematic in museum exhibits because few, if any, domestic DVD players are able to startup automatically when power is applied to the gallery. The ability to power-up and commence disc playback from a cold-start is one of the features that differentiates Industrial DVD Players from cheaper consumer models. However the significant price differential often means that consumer players are pressed into service and must be manually turned on each morning by staff. The Temporary Exhibition Controller, originally developed for the Nick Cave exhibition produced by Two Feathers for the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne, can learn the power on and play commands for a consumer player and automatically send them when gallery power is applied. If the DVD has been authored to auto-start playback becomes fully automated. Alternatively if the disc has a menu then following the power on command, the play command can be sent to play the default title after a suitable delay to allow the menu to build. Power on commands can also be sent to display devices such as video monitors or projectors.

The controller saves staff time during the morning walkaround and allows more flexbility when designing or retro-fitting AV equipment within an exhibition.

Please email for further details and pricing.
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BulletRAAF Heritage Cente - Wagga Wagga

The RAAF Heritage Centre in Wagga includes a touchscreen interactive program entitled "RAAF Bases of the Riverina" featuring historical images from all the bases that the RAAF has operated in the region over the years. The touchscreen is housed in a durable and attractive plinth made from recycled Jarrah.
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BulletAC/DC Family Jewels Exhibition

A collaboration between the Victorian Arts Centre and the Museum of Western of Australia. The exhibition included a requirement to sychronise rock-and-roll lighting PAR cans with concert vision of the band playing off Blu-Ray.

A novel controller was developed that responded to control signals recorded on the surround channels of the re-authored Blu-Ray disc, controlling the lighting dimmers via the DMX protocol.

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BulletOperation Magpies Return Exhibition - Documentary Video

Commissioned by the RAAF Museum Point Cook this 12 minute video tells the story of "Operation Magpies Return". The video incorporates still images and video shot by the 92 TIF Combat Camera Section in Vietnam during the archaeological dig, archival film footage of the Unit operating in Vietnam. Items from the Museum Collection including its Canberra bomber are used to illustrate the story and explain the role that items in the collection played in assisting in the identification of the wreckage. The temporary exhibition can currently be viewed at the RAAF Heritage Centre, Wagga Wagga.
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BulletMonash Museum of Computing History

Situated at the Monash Caulfied campus the Museum features a display of the universities first computer, A Ferranti Sirius mainframe. An entertaining promotional film, produced at the time, is shown on an LCD panel suspended inside the exhibit.

Visitors trigger playback of the video from a solid state player by means of a custom through-glass touch switch attached behind a graphic panel, avoiding the need to drill a hole for a switch in the display case.

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BulletOxfam Refugee Realities

Refugee Realities simulated, for school-age children, aspects of the experiences of the life of a refugee. Michael provided technical support to the sound-designer in order to realise an emotionally intense multi-channel soundscape and an audio simulation of the experience of crossing a mine -infested desert at night.

Over a mere 96 hours 3 custom controllers were fabricated from scratch that interfaced triggers buried under two tonnes of sand to a drum synthesizer triggered via the MIDI protocol.

The simulation received global media coverage and the "desert room" was regarded as one of the most successful elements of the project.

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Bullet Australian Centre for the Moving Image

The following consulting assignments have been completed for this innovative new cultural institution that is "devoted to the moving image in all its forms":
  • Conceptual Design: Audio-visual and multimedia control and delivery systems.
  • Tender Evaluation: ACMI Media Platform
  • Plasma Screen Tender: Technical Evaluation and Vendor Shortlist
  • Creation of the ACMI Web Streaming Strategy: Strategy, Evaluation and Implementation Report
  • Data Projector Evaluation - a side-by-side shootout over 2 days comparing 8 shortlisted video projectors
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Bullet Curriculum Corporation Online Video Content Delivery Research Project

  • This long term assignment examines all aspects of the delivery of educational video content online including codec selection, content management, content delivery strategies and authoring tools. The assignment includes the development of a series of whitepapers, presentation of workshops and the development of exemplar content. A component of the assignment may also illuminate video issues associated with The Learning Federation, an online curriculum content initiative of the Curriculum Corporation and
    The Video in the Classroom whitepapers can be view here: Video in the Classroom whitepapers