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Delivered either as two separate half-day workshops or together as a full-day workshop and seminar the Museum Digital Video workshops were originally developed for the Museum Computer Network annual conference held in Las Vegas in 2003 the workshops had their Australian premerie in 2004. In association with CAVAL, they have now been presented in Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra and Wellington (New Zealand). The workshops returned to Brisbane in March 2007 and were presented as an in-house training course for staff from the innovative new Brisbane City Council library who were particularly interested in Digital Storytelling technology. Content is continuously updated to include new technological developments such as the introduction of Blu-Ray DVD. Enquiries regarding customising the workshops to reflect the specific needs of a particular institution are welcomed.

Bullet Workshop 1 - Convergent Media and the Modern Museum (half-day)

DVD players and stand-alone kiosks no longer represent the only option for video delivery within the museum. Workshop participants will work together to conceive future networked video delivery scenarios in which multiple live and on-demand video streams are delivered from central server repositories, via Ethernet backbones to a proliferation of interactive kiosks, displays and projectors situated on the network edge. The implications for museum infrastructure will be examined as will the requirement for museum staff to work across traditional organizational boundaries to bring these convergent architectures to fruition. Case studies will include the recently opened Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne and the British Pathe Archive in the UK.

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Bullet Workshop 2 - Digital Video - An Introduction for Museum and Library Professionals (half-day)

Whether producing video, or incorporating the moving image into their collections, museums, archives and libraries must negotiate what can seem a mysterious landscape of hardware, software, standards and storage systems. This workshop demystifies the medium of video by orienting participants within this landscape. It examines delivery via DVD, kiosks and the web and explores the requirements for basic PC and Macintosh editing systems that will enable museums (and even their visitors) to produce content for these platforms.

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Staff from the following cultural institutions have attended training delivered by Michael Borthwick: